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MAKHANI (Butter Chicken) SAUCE

MAKHANI (Butter Chicken) SAUCE

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Makhani aka Butter Chicken is said to have originated at Delhi's Moti Mohal restaurant, where chefs would refresh leftover tandoor-cooked chicken with ripe tomatoes and a generous amount of butter. Today, we're elevating this tradition with the Makhani sauce that is the base for our most popular dish at Gymkhana: Chicken Butter Masala. We recommend that you use it to recreate your own Butter Chicken Masala or paneer and vegetable curries.

*Serves 2 people. Quantity: 300g.  

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GET YOUR PAN HOT: Saute your meat or veg (we recommend using paneer) in a pan at medium to high heat until three-quarters way cooked.

LET IT SIMMER: Pour the sauce into the pan, add 2 tbsp water and bring to a boil. Reduce and let it simmer with the lid on for 10 minutes until the oil from the sauce splits.

FINISH IN STYLE: For added freshness, garnish with fresh ginger and coriander.

CHEF TIP: Let it simmer. Simmer the jarred sauce in a pot or deep skillet, even for as little as 10 minutes. Simmering deepens whatever flavours the sauce already possesses.